Muse, typeface

I was commissioned for visual identity of the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek. The main idea was to make a three-way typographic system, which will be able to present the classical, modern and contemporary works of art. That is the reason for classic geometry behind the base serif typeface, which is followed by the monoline sans and third cut which is most interesting one - a stencil combination of sans and serif. Since typography is primarily developed for the titles, x-height was defined accordingly, as well as a large number of standard and specially designed ligatures.

Important to say is the fact that the Muse typeface was designed while attending Type@Cooper Summer Condensed program 2014 (Cooper Union, New York).

Client: Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek


Sumner Stone (mentor),

Sara Soskolne (mentor),

Ewan Clayton (mentor)

Date: december 2014