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Type@Cooper final project

Type@Cooper final project

Finally after 6 months of intense work my MUSE typeface for Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek is done. Donatella Spaziani was the first author that exhibited under the new visual Identity of the Museum. I couldn't be more happy about that fact, as her art carries the new typeface perfectly! For the Muse I must thank all the people who attended Type@Cooper Summer condensed program 2014; Hendrika Makilya, Erin Ellis, Matthew Tapia, Valeria Caro, Ricardo Gonzalez Contreras, Bogidar Macarenas, Matthew Sherman, Claire Coullon, Ramona Udvardi, Lucas Azavedo, Ling Tsui, Mohammad Sharaf, Nicolas Portnoi, Charles Cooper Williams, and Fernando Mello. Also BIG thanks to Sumner Stone, Ewan Clayton, Sara Soskolne, Andy Clymer and Alexander Tochilovsky. Tips I recieved from all you guys were precious. Anyway, the typeface is a consisted of a serif, sans and stencil one. Check it out lower in typography part of portfolio.



  • Knifer

    typeface, branding, robofont, osijek

  • Muse, typeface

    typeface, branding, robofont, osijek

  • Herman

    revival, wall sign, light, typeface

  • Gross

    revival, wall sign, bold, typeface

  • Obli

    stencil, mono line, light, typeface

  • Slukoni

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