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Mozaik knjiga Book Covers

Mozaik knjiga Book Covers

These past few weeks I’ve been doing again some covers for Mozaik knjiga. Must say it is a refreshment after a long time to design a series of 7 book covers for an edition I managed to do a lot with lettering and some illustrations… And managed to squeeze in some of my custom typefaces… Looking very much forward to getting the books in my mailbox!



  • Calliglypha

    typeface, calligraphy, robofont, stylus

  • Knifer

    typeface, branding, robofont, osijek

  • Muse, typeface

    typeface, branding, robofont, osijek

  • Herman

    revival, wall sign, light, typeface

  • Gross

    revival, wall sign, bold, typeface

  • Obli

    stencil, mono line, light, typeface

  • Slukoni

    fat, round, revised, typeface