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Osijek Software City

Osijek Software City

Last few months I’ve been pretty busy designing an Identity for a great group of companies. On of the biggest brands of Osijek, and after this whole process I can say one of the healthiest communities in the city. How we did our job, you can see under the Identity part of the portfolio, and to get you there here’s a little animated rocket.



  • Calliglypha

    typeface, calligraphy, robofont, stylus

  • Knifer

    typeface, branding, robofont, osijek

  • Muse, typeface

    typeface, branding, robofont, osijek

  • Herman

    revival, wall sign, light, typeface

  • Gross

    revival, wall sign, bold, typeface

  • Obli

    stencil, mono line, light, typeface

  • Slukoni

    fat, round, revised, typeface