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Lettering projects

Lettering projects

So this summer I was in NY for Type@Cooper Condensed Program. Except learning the typeface design workflow, I met bunch of new and interesting people with lots of great skills. And the thing that fascinated me, was the amount of lettering that was done by all the colleagues and the amount that was all around the city. In fact I come from the society that simply does no, or very low amount of lettering and it is not the kind that is seen in US. So after lots of thinking, i decided to put more emphasis on lettering this year… practice it more in my free time and start doing it more for clients. Having that in mind I actually did one book cover and a competition entry for Iskon. And also this nice birthday card for Ricardo. So, stop by, from time to time, if you’re interested to see, how it goes with the lettering in the land far far away.





  • Herman

    revival, wall sign, light, typeface

  • Gross

    revival, wall sign, bold, typeface

  • Obli

    stencil, mono line, light, typeface

  • Slukoni

    fat, round, revised, typeface